hey guys!

here are a bunch of photos/photo ideas i've seen on whi and instagram that i'm taking as inspiration for my feed. hope you enjoy!

1: mirrors

aesthetic, pink, and mirror image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

2: ootd

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image

3: books

book, korean, and soft image book, sun, and reading image

4: architecture

architecture, art, and landscape image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

5: art

art, moon, and drawing image art, drawing, and bee image

6: light box

deer, home, and white image aesthetic, happy, and inspiration image

7: skies

bts, jhope, and jung hoseok image bird, sky, and clouds image

8: coffee

coffee, drink, and aesthetic image aesthetic, coffee, and food image

9: polaroids

angel, beautiful, and live image etsy, polaroids, and bts image

10: new shoes

Temporarily removed converse, flowers, and inspiration image

11: selfie

girl, light, and sun image Temporarily removed

12: statue

art, hands, and aesthetic image aesthetic, marble, and sand image

13: vinyl

music, vintage, and vinyl image cd, climate, and girl image

14: flowers

Image removed flowers, pink, and rose image

15: cute makeup

Image removed aesthetic, makeup, and soft image

16: haircut

girl, hair, and short hair image boy, ulzzang, and korean image

17: perfume

aesthetic, chanel, and minimal image chanel, perfume, and n5 image

18: street art

Temporarily removed quotes, forever, and grunge image

19: animals

dog, animal, and puppy image cat and animal image

20: water bottle

white, water, and aesthetic image water, grunge, and blk image

21: cacti

Image removed book, cacti, and nature image

22: embroidery

Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It

23: glitter

glitter, eye, and makeup image glitter, eyes, and makeup image

24: lush

bath, lush, and water image green, lush, and aesthetic image

25: flatlay

Temporarily removed Image removed

thanks for reading! if anybody's interested, my instagram is; https://www.instagram.com/okaymiu/.