When you start your career and enter the organization as a fresher, you have to settle for the salary package that company offers without an opportunity to negotiate. But once you gain experience over the years and reach the top position in a company you have the luxury to negotiate for higher pay while switching in a competitive company for a senior level job. Negotiation is a skill and to excel this skill we are providing you some golden tips.
Know Your Worth to the Company
Before you walk into a salary negotiation, it is important to understand your value to the company. Search on social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Payscale, Glassdoor, etc. to find out the standard salary range for the top executive jobs or your related profile in the competitive companies.
Describe Your Accomplishments
While negotiating salary during an interview or discussing salary hike with your manager, don’t forget to mention your accomplishments and value to the company. It will help your manager recognize your contribution towards the company and make him understand how replacing you with a new individual having limited skills will incur more cost.
Consult the Recruiters
Recruitment companies are always on the lookout for the recruitment of managers or senior executives. They know about the salary range that people with your experience and position are worth. So you can consult the recruiters about the specific position’s responsibilities and pay scale before negotiating for the salary hike.
<b>Shoot For the Top of the Range</b>
While doing your research, you will come across the range that represents your market value. So always ask for the top of the range while negotiating. Even if the employer negotiates down, you would still end up with the salary that satisfies you.
Discuss Perks/Benefits Other Than Money
When companies hire for the department managers, directors or senior executives, they provide exclusive perks and benefits along with salary. Even if the company is unable to provide a hike on the salary, you can always ask them for compensation over the bonus, promotions, and perks.
Stay Confident Throughout the Interaction
Stay positive and confident throughout the interaction during negotiation. Maintain the eye contact and reveal through your action that you know what you are asking for and is completely capable of that. Take control of the conversation and let the best offer come your way. Analyze the proposal thoroughly and make up your mind before saying yes to any offer.