I used to be scared, scared of starting, scared of taking the step. i used to put the full stop before i begun. Because i feared the failure. Feared rejection. Scared of criticisms. We have become so habituated in taking pleasure that we want to flee from pain. Pain impels us to stop. and soon it starts to ignite hopelessness, depression, sadness and we become toxic. But it is not pain which stops us, its us who stops. Pain is merely a force which compels us to restrain. Let the pain fade into oblivion. Don't let it hinder your path. Life is a series of constant struggle. Struggle will be there, failure will be there in your journey. Embrace your potentialities and turn them into actuality. Don't let failure stops you. Remember that a quote or a saying doesn't merely just encourages us, what encourages us is us who acknowledges them and apply them in real life. They are just a medium through which we cognize and recollect ourselves.

Failure is not a full stop, it just a beginning of a brand new story.

I Tried.
I Failed.
I Learned.
I Evolved.
But I never stopped.
I will never stop.