Hello everybody.
I read a couple of such articles and thought, why do not I try, it's a very interesting topic.
So, let's go.
I hope that you will like it.


K - Kyzylorda

kyzylorda, kazakhstan, and central square image alone, blue, and clouds image kazakhstan, kyzylorda, and the land of great steppe image Temporarily removed

A - Albuquerque

balloons and colorful image autumn, mountains, and new mexico image albuquerque, balloons, and fun image Temporarily removed

M - Manchester

architecture, books, and building image Temporarily removed ariana grande, one love manchester, and ariana image Image removed

E - Edinburgh

architecture, cities, and edinburgh image beautiful, building, and edinburgh image castle, edinburgh, and scotland image edinburgh, Great Britain, and one day image

L - Liverpool

analogue, film, and Liverpool image Temporarily removed autumn, beautiful, and beauty image Temporarily removed

I - Idaho

adventure, idaho, and travel image forest, idaho, and freeman lake image 35mm, analog, and analogue image america, christmas, and city image

Y - York

new england, new york, and places image book, college, and study image christmas and winter image winter, snow, and city image

A - Austin

Austin, city, and tx image Temporarily removed beautiful, city, and mural image black, city, and graffiti image