I'm done with this generation. Perhaps not in your country, but most of students in my country aren't honest in the education. For example during the exam, I became a witness for people who are not confident with themselves . People who are shy about bad scores, but they didn't get any values. For me, values ​​and scores ​​are something similar but different in essence. Scores ​​are just numbers written on paper, where it can be manipulated. But the values will always be stored within us, we understand what we have learned not only know and gone.

We can teach our values/what we've got while we are in school for the next generation, and it would help to build good morality to the future of the world. I want to show and teach my values pure from my mind to my next generation, not just a numbers on a papers.

Do you know the impact of the habit from boasting a score without honesty? there will be a chance to get a decent life in the future, but actually we don't get real values and we know that very well. Would we be a convenient generation? The answer is in yourself.

I'm sure you also want to build good character for the next generation. So follow your heart and be confident. It's okay to falls at the beginning, but we will not always be on the ground, right? There will be a hand to help us, and God always be with us

With love and peace,