Hello! In this article, I would like to tell you about how I look after myself. I think every girl would be interested in this topic, so let's go!
1. Scrub / gommage with coffee and cinnamon for skin cleansing
2. Toning mask with white tea and pepper grass
3. Matt tonic
4. Moisturizing tonic spray with forest berries
5. Micellar water
6. Mask with organic yoghurt and fresh papaya
7. Coconut oil
8. Eye Cream
9. Face cream with coconut and pineapple
10. Milk for removing makeup
1. Shampoo with the strength of PRO-V
2. Balm rinse with strength of PRO-V
3. Spray Balm "Aerial Foam"
4. Mask with keratin and hyaluronic acid
5. Conditioner for hair with a complex of liquid keratin
1. Shower gel with vanilla cookies and milk
2. Body scrub with pomegranate
3. Thick butter for the body with cocoa, cinnamon and cardamom
4. Soap for intimate hygiene
5. Washcloth for cleansing the skin of the body
1. Steamer foot bath with salt, lemon and berries
2. Foot cream
3. Pilling
4. Electric roller saw
1. Cream with pin colada
2. Scrub peeling
3. Oil with coconut
4. Cuticle oil
5. Nail file