So hello Boys and Girls so today I want to talk about feminism I learned a lot about it since I once saw it on the Internet and Baby I did my Research!

What is feminism?

So feminism is NOT and I repeat NOT there to choose Girls over Boys it is about making Boys and Girls worth the same and sadly most of the Problems that matter for feminism lie on the woman side because we don't get payed equal but also it is about Boys and what they were always taught not to do I am asking are there any Boys that are not shy to cry in fromt of somebody because that is also a Problem that feminism is talking about.

Side note:
Boys I Need to tell you there are many feminists who take the whole woman matter too much and Forget about the real feminism so don't be bothered by them!

Who are feminists?

So there are many Feminist People out there and are a lot of famous ones as well I think you know Emma Watson she is one of the most famous feminists in the world and she tells the world!

So and to Point it out I will ask you a question:

Do you want yourself or your son/daughter (one day) to be raped or sexually abused?

When the answer is No you are a Feminist if you want it or not you can't say feminism is about destroying Boys it isn't it is here to provide some Problems and those are serious!

I pnce watched a Video about a Feminist vs. an anti Feminist and that shit was dumb let me tell you the anti Feminist was a housewife and I want to Point out here that feminism includes housewifes as well as Business woman.

Most of the time feminism gets so misunderstood but just try to understand it in some way just spend like one hour searching for it on the Internet you will find so many Videos and more!

So that was it for now Bye peoples love you!!