Chapter 1: Enter Main character and the Painter. Main Character is named Lord Henry (Harry) and the Painter is named Basil Hallward. Basil goes on to talk about the boy in a painting he had laying around but refused to give Lord Henry the name of the person in the picture. Slips up and reveals it to be Dorian Gray and proceeds to gush about how Dorian is his muse, his purpose for art, his purpose for life, his EVERYTHING! Harry stands off in the corner and asks to meet the man his artist friend is very gay for. Due to the need to drive plot forward, Dorian Gray happens to have just come to visit Basil.

Chapter 2: Enter Dorian Gray. All you need to know about him is that he is very very pretty and doesn't quite know it yet (foreshadowing). Lord Henry spouts some Misogynistic and sexist things and then Dorian Gray figures out how pretty he is (this can't go wrong). Cue existential crisis about how he cannot live to be old when he won't be beautiful and Dorian makes a wish to always be pretty and have the painting take the weight of all the sins he commits.

Chapter 3: Lord Henry discovers Dorian Gray's backstory of being raised by a tyrant who had Dorian's dad killed just because he was a soldier and not a nobleman which caused Dorian's mom to die of heartbreak (not really but this is more dramatic and that's what this story is really about). He becomes even more fascinated with this boy which is kinda creepy but we don't question it, the main character is kinda weird anyways. Part 2 is a dinner party with Lord Henry's aunt and the noblemen and women talk about philosophy. Warning to Feminists: there will be parts where you want to strangle the main character because he is a misogynistic jerkwad but bear with it. Dorian ditches Basil(the Painter) to hang with Lord Henry.

Chapter 4: Dorian Gray waxes poetic about a girl he has fallen in love with. Long story short, he went into a theater he should not have been in and saw her act and fell in love with her because she was so pretty and committed to the roles she played. Actress is named Sibyl Vane and she calls him Prince Charming (How original). Chapter ends with Lord Henry receiving a telegraph that says Dorian is engaged to Sibyl.

Chapter 5: Sibyl is all giddy and floaty about her Prince Charming. She goes on a walk with her brother and she talks about the adventures he will have in his trip to Australia. He threatens to kill Dorian if he ever hurts Sybil (Foreshadowing?). He then discovers that his and Sybil's mom was not married to their father and he leaves for his trip. But not before threatening to kill Dorian if he ever hurts Sybil, again (Hmmmmm).

Chapter 6: Dorian convinces Lord Henry and Basil to see Sybil act after telling Basil about his engagement

Chapter 7: Sybil becomes terrible at acting because she loves Dorian so much that she can no longer inhabit the lives of the characters and Dorian breaks up with her because of it. Dorian goes home and discovers that the painting had changed and looks cruel. He has an existential crisis again and wonders if he has gone mad until he remembers the prayer he made for the painting to take the burden of his sins. He promptly covers the picture and goes to bed with a plan to make up with Sybil in the morning.

Chapter 8: Sybil committed suicide and Dorian feels guilty. Lord Henry convinces him not to go to the police and say he was responsible for the suicide and takes him to the opera instead. Dorian decides to seize the opportunity that the portrait gives him and live life to the fullest (full of sin that is).

Chapter 9: Basil wants to show of the gorgeous portrait he painted of Dorian off and Dorian basically has a panic attack. He manages to direct the focus onto why Basil wants to showcase the portrait now when he was so adamant against it before and Basil admits he was completely obsessed with Dorian and was afraid that it showed in the art. Dorian decides to hide the painting so no one can see it.

Chapter 10: Dorian hides the picture in an old room and keeps the only key. Proceeds to then read for the rest of the day and waxes poetic about the book to Lord Henry.

Chapter 11: Dorian spends almost the entire chapter just talking about music and gemstones. It's kind of ridiculous. Mentions of how everyone believes Dorian is basically a demon and scandal follows him everywhere even though his face stays "Innocent and pure"

Chapter 12: Basil and Dorian have a discussion about the human soul and Dorian offers to show Bail his (pssttt he means the painting).

Chapter 13: Dorian kills Basil by stabbing him in the neck multiple times and then makes a pretty good alibi by hiding Basil's belongings and leaving the house and ringing the doorbell. The servant, who had been asleep since showing Basil out before, answers the door and viola Dorian has supposedly been out all night and Basil has already left for his 6 month trip to Paris.

Chapter 14: Dorian blackmails someone into destroying the body and the painting had blood dripping on one of its hands.

Chapter 15: Dorian gets defensive about where he was the night before after a casual question and goes home early from a "party" hosted by a duchess.

Chapter 16: Sybil's brother almost kills Dorian but since it happened almost 18 years ago and Dorian has the face of a 20 year old man, Her brother lets him go. A lady tells the brother that that was in fact the man he was looking for and the brother gets super mad.

Chapter 17: Dorian thinks he saw the face of Sybil's brother in the window and faints during a party he is hosting.

Chapter 18: The noblemen who were hunting around the estate shoot at a hare and accidentally shoot a man. Dorian doesn't look at his face (hmmm) but gets an extremely bad feeling about everything.

Chapter 19: Dorian talks about wanting to be pure and good again and talks about a country girl who he courted without seducing and defiling her (gag). Dorian and Lord Henry talk about the book that Dorian read in chapter 10 and Dorian says it inspired him to lie life to the fullest (sin wise). Lord Henry calls him an idiot because art doesn't influence life.

Chapter 20: Dorian stabs the portrait and therefore stabs himself. His soul leaks back into his body and the only way they can identify him is the rings on his finger.

The End