i know people usually do these separately but my name is literally 3 letters so leave me alone.

A- Amsterdam, Netherlands

adam, amsterdam, and bike image
I would actually really like to go to Amsterdam and one of my favorite songs is called Amsterdam by Nothing But Thieves

V- Venice, Italy

venice, city, and travel image

A- Amagasaki, Japan

nature image
I would love to visit anywhere in Japan when I'm older.


A- Apricot

orange and peach image orange, aesthetic, and flowers image peach, aesthetic, and art image flowers, orange, and aesthetic image

V- Violet

fireworks, light, and night image hair, braid, and purple image purple, stars, and aesthetic image colour, farbe, and lila image

A- Amber

opal, stone, and sunset image amber, makeup, and eye image amber, brown, and photography image style, dress, and hair image

so, yeah, that's it. I think i might try doing the '30 day writing challenge, because i'd probably do it anyway, and need an excuse. bye.