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in times of hardships and stress, we all need a way to relax & unwind. we often lose sight of what's happening around us when we're stressed, so we all need that reminder to stop & smell the roses.
scroll down below to find the best de-stressing method for you and your zodiac sign!

aries - watching your favourite show/movie

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take a break to sit down and enjoy that episode or movie short. chilling with the characters and actors you love can give you the motivation you need!

taurus - treating yourself to a mini spa day at home

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you don't have to pay much or travel far to relax! buy (or make) some thrifty face masks, lotion, body and face scrubs, give yourself a mani-pedi, and soothe your soul in a warm & nice bubble bath.

gemini - doing yoga/working out

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as tiring as it may seem, even doing a quick little 10 minute yoga routine to re-energize goes a long way. not only are you unleashing your stress by exercising, you're also getting fit!

cancer - curling up with a good book

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libraries, e-books, or even your school library can be the places for finding a helpful way to de-stress for a while. if you don't have a good book you want to read, search websites like goodreads or hit up whi articles for good book recommendations!

leo - having a girl's (or boy's) night out

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as a leo, you value friendship and unity a lot. don't forget to stay true to these values and meet up with a friend (or five) and take a relaxing day off with them! one day of hanging out can really strengthen your bonds with your friends and give you a chance to enjoy yourself!

virgo - venting

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sometimes all you need is the satisfaction of lifting that heavy weight off your back. as someone who's always in their mind, you also need a vacation from all that overthinking & stressing. talk it out with a trusted friend, family member, therapist, or even your pet!

libra - stopping and smelling the roses (literally!)

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in the age of technology, we forget to go outside and appreciate nature more. go alone, or bring a friend with you to take walks in your nearest parks/forests/gardens, do some natural photo-shoots, have a picnic, or simply lie down and gaze at the sky.

scorpio - drawing/crafting

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scorpios have lots of raw emotion & passion. what better way to channel those feelings than to make something beautiful from it? taking the time to draw/paint or do some diy crafts will help you unwind.

sagittarius - remembering good memories

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just that one moment of reminiscing and feeling nostalgic can help out. sit back and remember funny/happy memories and the people that are there to help you out and support you. if you're feelings extra sentimental, you can look through old photo albums or even create a time capsule!

capricorn - dance

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dance it out capricorn! whether it be the simplest zumba or the hardest bts hip hop choreo, don't be afraid to break out those moves and dance to a song you like. freestyle or following the steps, shaking it out really does give you the extra mood boost you need to weather through your storms.

aquarius - bullet journaling

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sometimes having your feelings & stressors on paper make your frustrations clear for you. this way, you can pinpoint what's going on and find a way to tackle each situation. if you don't want to write about yourself, you can put anything you like in your journal, such as your favourite kpop stars (bujo journaling), movies you enjoy, and even people in your life that you admire!

pisces - naps

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if you ever get so overwhelmed with your emotions, don't stop yourself from taking a deep breath and getting right back in bed. that thirty minute nap really can go a long way!

thank you for checking out my article! hope you enjoyed readin' !
if you ever do decide to try any of these out, don't be afraid to send me a postcard and tell me how it went ♥