People never believed me when I told them that I did suffer my fair share of acne, so here's my journey...

It all started out 3 years ago with a few breakouts on my cheeks and before i knew it, I was dealing with several huge ones on my cheeks and forehead. I have never felt so self conscious and low about myself, that I would never leave home without concealing my spots and redness even if i was just going to the mall opposite my home.

During the weekends, I would not leave my home cause I felt like if I am seen in public, people are just gonna stare at my face, sometimes I was made aware about my acne from family members, close friends and colleagues (like I didn't know better). Every night, I wished that I would wake up the next morning and the acne would be gone (thinking magic happens overnight lol). The struggle was real, that I started comparing myself and I had so many questions on my mind - "why does it have to be me suffering", "why isn't anything I do working" or "why can't I have spot free skin". I visited clinic after clinic and applied many acne treatment creams that never really worked on me.

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After many consultations with my GP, I went to see a dermatologist for a review, where I was prescribed to take doxycycline (antibiotics). I had to take the antibiotics twice daily after meals for an entire course of 2 months, and apply a night cream. The cream did course redness and dryness in the beginning but it reduce the acne bumps. I also made changes to my diet and lifestyle.

Today my skin is almost to clear, though i do get a few tiny pimple during my period that disappears within a week. I also have been following up with my dermatologist appointments and have completely cut out taking the antibiotics. I do apply the night cream to flatten my pimples but touch wood I have not gone back to the worst stage days.

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Dealing with acne is tough and not everyone would understand your problem, but never feel alone there is always a solution though it takes time. Just remember that no matter what, you are beautiful, hold your head high and never let people make you feel low about yourself. Eventually all that your facing now will go away.

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