So like most people who I've seen do this challenge, this too is my first article (so bear with me or not, it's really up to you). I am also very new to Weheartit and am addicted already.


Fashion is not something that is super important to me. Most would catch me wearing jeans, shoes, and a tank top. However, if I had the money, patience, and time to create a wardrobe and rock a certain "style" on a day to day basis, this is what you would see:

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Who says "Beauty is pain"? Fashionable & Comfortable. Thar's my kind of style.


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Passions/Hobbies <3

Although I don't dedicate as much time/effort into dancing and writing poetry(I could blame adulting as the reason for that), I still consider these two things something passions/hobbies of mine. I also enjoy scrapbooking and most other things that relates & enhances self-expression

Passionate about anything that relates to & enhances self-expression
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Who says dogs are a man's best friend?


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Don't make me hangry.

TV Shows

Not so typical, Educational Programs at it's finest.


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Open your eyes, & expand your knowledge.



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A Kid at Heart, with an Old Soul

Dreams & Goals

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There is purpose to my pain.
I've been through a lot; life has not alway been so kind to me. But, long story short (I might go in depth in a future article), I realize that everything really does happen for a reason. With that being said, I'm not sure yet if I should pursue becoming a MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist or start a day program focused on helping adolescents & young adults deal with the difficulties that life has (especially during the "Emerging adulthood" phase). I have this desire inside of me to give advice, provide perspective, & just help people however way I can.
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To be a wife, to be a mother, and to provide/create this stable foundation for my future family. During my toughest days growing up, I would always tell myself, "The future NEEDS to be better. It just has to get better than this"

Home is where the heart is & my heart has been broken for too long. #PickingUpThePiecesOneDayAtATime
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In other words...^


“Stay focused. So that your change in growth is intentional. Don’t let who you are becoming be shaped by disappointments. Also, don’t let yourself be shaped by achievements either. Remember your Kipling. If you could meet with triumph, and disaster, but treat those two imposters just the same. Treat them just the same. The journey you take now will be lead by you alone. Don’t let that scare you. Oh no, let that liberate you.”
— Octavia Spencer

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