Recently I've gone back and watched many of the Disney films I haven't seen in a good number of years. Some I haven't seen since 1st grade. So out of boredom and just too much time on my hands at the moment, I thought I'd make a list of movies that have kept their magical touch after all these years and some that couldn't withstand the test of time.

(Note: This list is just based off my own opinions of these movies and if you enjoy them, please do not take this to heart. I'm glad that you see something in them that I may not.)

Top 5 Worst Disney Films:

5.) Finding Dory

I put Finding Dory at number 5 because technically this was made for kids today and of course panders towards them. What I did was compare it to Finding Nemo, a movie I've seen a billion times in my life. While the conclusion of Finding Nemo left everyone asking if Disney would make a movie to explain Dory's background, I didn't really like the end result. The movie did have some strong points like the cute moments of baby Dory and the side characters' humor. I dont know, I guess after all these years I imagined something different for her. Despite that I cant criticise it too much cause my niece, for one, absolutely loves it.

2.) Bambi

[Insert Collective Gasp]

Some of you are probably saying "How can anyone hate Bambi?" I've honestly never liked it, not even when I was a child. There is just something about it that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Its like they were going for something sad and emotionally draining and it became something sickening sweet. I dont know, I just dont like that one. But its only 4th on my list cause I think the movies below are even worse.

3.) Chicken Little

First of all, this may have been one of the ugliest movies I've ever seen. I can't imagine what executive saw that art and approved it for a kid's movie. It honestly looks like the manifestation of animation Hell. But besides the art, just about everyone one in this movie is annoying and mean. The dad is the worst of them all and is such a punk. What type of dad lets his son get bullied and then belittles him for it? Ugh! Chicken Little and his friends have a few funny moments that would almost make the movie watchable. Only if they didn't make them look like glitches and used vomit as the color scheme.

4.) Peter Pan

Another Disney favorite that I can't stand. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell have always rubbed me the wrong way in this film. As a kid, I've always hated the arrogant and rude characters so of course I couldn't stand them. I even found Captain Hook more enjoyable to see. At least he was funny for most of his time on screen.

Dishonorable Mentions:

• Alice In Wonderland- Overrated and boring in my opinion.

• Frozen- Overrated and just annoying. Out of the films in its style, I think Moana has it beat by a landslide.

• The Lilo & Stitch Sequels- While the first Lilo & Stitch movie is one of my faves and I loved the spin off series, I absolutely HATE the movie sequels. They are so unnecessary to me.

1.) Little Mermaid

This one of the most annoying Disney films I have ever witnessed. I would gladly watch one of the boring ones instead of this, at least I would catch up on my sleep. All the characters in this film annoy me to the core. The only redeemable thing in it is Ursula. Honestly they should have just made 'Ursula: The Movie ' and called it a day. I hate Ariel with an absolute passion, she is the worst Disney Princess ever created.

Top Five Best Disney Films:

5.) The Aristocats

The Aristocats was one of my mom's favorite cartoon movies growing up so of course we had a copy at home when I was little. This is one of the many films I remember watching with my younger sister at home when we weren't old enough to go to school. It's a very enjoyable film and watching it now brought back a lot of early childhood memories.

4.) One Hundred and One Dalmatians

If there is one thing I love, its dogs. So easily this one of my favorite Disney Classics. That and a timeless quality to it makes it one of the few cartoon movies I can genuinely enjoy.

3.) The Emperor's New Groove

Hands down one of Disney's funniest movies. My siblings and I were absolutely obsessed with this. After all these years I still find it hilarious and the art style is beautiful.

2. ) Hercules

The music, the art style, the humor. It all still great today. I definitely remember why I was so obsessed with it as a child.

Honorable Mentions

•The Jungle Book- A film I can watch a million times and still enjoy.

•The Lion King- Its hard not to love it tbh.

•Mulan- My favorite Disney Princess. She's kind, she's cool and she kicks ass. What's not to love?

•Winnie The Pooh- Pooh has been one of my favorite characters since I was a baby. I love everything he's in.

1.) Tarzan

Tarzan is honestly the perfect Disney film in my opinion. It's light hearted, it has drama, romance that seems genuine and great humor. Also the soundtrack for it is godlike. It honestly made the movie even better than it would be without it. Tarzan is one of my favorite Disney characters and watching the film after all this time, it reminded me why. This is absolutely my favorite Disney movie of all time.

What are your favorite and least favorite Disney films? Which ones did you agree and disagree with me on? Send me a message and let me know.

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