Sometimes I wonder, why are we not together?
Why do we cross paths when we both were with someone different,
Even if we aren't yet together?
Do you remember?

How we were strangers that sparked a bondage between us into friends?

But we kept a distance staying in that zone as we were with different people. All this while, it ended tragically with them which then led us to one another.

It's been 2 years we last spoke, we lost our time. even if the bond was still there but 2 years of being missing from another.
we have crossed paths again after 2 years, reconciled.

However, things changes after two years, things got out of hand, it went blurry for you and I but somehow it got vivid and clear.
Things got complicated and this is when we both agree, the bond we had has evolved into something we both stood to fear, something we both couldn't understand, something unexpected.

I've silently kept looping the anticipation of curiousity.

things got chaotic,bumpy challenging for the both of us but not because of us, but someone we both familiar with,someone else. not an ex or however but i'd leave that as a mystery.

This took a toll on us and we took it in to see this through if we are worth.

it's as if the universe are trying to test our patience, might, patience, feelings followed by emotions.

Do we bear this great task?
Do we have the strength to face such tremendous obstacle?
I don't particularly know, but I believe we can do this as a team.

it's been said that,

2 is better than 1.


good things comes without expectations and with a massive obstacle.

So do YOU bear the challenge?

- Reconcile.