I'm writing this at 10:15pm on a Monday night. I should probably go to bed, but I have a message I would like to spread. Sure, it is simple to say, but tough to understand.

You are Beautiful. You Are Worth It. You Are a Somebody. You are not perfect, nobody in the world is perfect. No matter what you are going through, you will get through it. It may be tough right now, but I want you to fight. Here are a few images that make me feel happy and free. I love you all, even though I don't know you, I know each and every one of you who reads this is unique, special, and wanted in the world. Don;t let bullies bring you down. Don't let instagram models make you feel small. Don't let school get you blue. Life is too short, so make the best of it while it lasts. Don't forget, you are beautiful. <3

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I LOVE to laugh. When I laugh I feel more alive, more free of all the burdens and stress of the word.

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Dance is my remedy for stress and makes me feel strong and empowered.

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Friends keep us alive. Friends keep us young. The best part is, you can laugh, be silly, cry together, and become sisters.

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Froyo makes me happy. It's soo good! And I love adding fruit and yummy toppings to create a balance of sweet and sour.

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Love for our bodies is such an important part in self love. We all look different but are all equally beautiful in our own ways.

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You don't need wings when you were given your soul and your heart.

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Music is so important to me. It calms me down, pumps me up, and makes me feel young, even though I'm only in high school! :)

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This quote makes me laugh because it's true. C'mon, if you are not British, you now its true XD

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Do more of what makes you happy. Boom.

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Fashion makes me so happy. It's always been a -passion of mine. I love shopping, designing, and coordinating outfits!