Hey guys, I saw someone do this tag but with another tv show so I decided to do one on PLL.

1. Who's Your Favourite Character? Aria

pretty little liars, aria montgomery, and lucy hale image

2. Who's Your Favourite OTP/Ship? Aria & Erza & Hanna & Caleb.

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3. Describe PLL In One Word? Mysterious

4. What Is Your Favourite Episode From Each Season?

S1: The Badass Seed

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S2: The Blond Leading The Blind

ezra, kiss, and lucy hale image

S3: Blood Is The New Black

pretty little liars, nightmare, and pll image

S4: Bring Down The Hoe

pretty little liars, pll, and toby image

S5: Pretty Isn't The Point

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S6: Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars

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S7: Til DeAth Do Us PArt

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5. What Is Your Favourite Storyline?

I felt like the whole show had a good storyline, they were all my faves tbh.

6. What Is Your Favourite Scene?

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7. Who Is Your Style Icon On The Show? Hanna Marin

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8. Which A would you be? Mona

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9. Who is your favourite parent/adult on the show? Ashley Marin and Veronica Hastings.

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10. Rate PLL on the scale of 1-10? A solid 10.