hello! everybody, so today i am going to be doing this article because the other day i was watching this bride show with my mom and i was really excited, even tho i am super mega single lol. i haven't found the right guy. so let's begin.

dream dress

for me, I WOULD LOVE TO WEAR A BERTA'S DRESS. are amazing and so pretty, they are expensive tho but i'd spend every cent to look beautiful in it the day of my wedding. i love the princess cut dresses, i also like the mermaid cut but i would feel in a fairy tail if i use a princess one
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dream ring

dear future husband; my future ring MUST have a diamond or i won't get married. sorry. JK, but i would love to see a diamond shinning on my finger. also, i like gold rings so that's a plus - but if it's silver, i wouldn't mind either as it has a diamond.
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dream hair and make up

i think it depends on the kind of dress you are wearing, but if my hair's up or down i wouldn't care - just if i look nice lol. i like those little details on the hair, nothing really fancy just a little touch for cuteness.
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dream nails

this day must be your day and keep that attention on you and your dress, not your nails so i wouldn't use a super shinny color or a strong one like red, blue, black etc. i want to keep it natural so i'd wear a french manicure or a super light baby pink - almost matching my skin tone.
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dream bridesmaids

this is the only dress that i would love my bridesmaids to wear. the color is super cute, the shape of the body fits any body and i think it does not look scandalous, looks fancy and appropriate for the occasion. matching with those nude steve madden i think it'd would be a MATCH! the bouquets have to have white and the same color as her dress. for makeup, a little cat wing, basics, nude for the lips and lashes.
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dream details

- first, the shoes are to die for and cost what it costs i want them
- the bouquet, must have pink so it can matches the bridesmaids tipe of pink even tho is for me.
- for makeup, i'd love to make my eyes pop and big also my skin must look flawless
- finally, i'd wear little earings
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the groom and groomsmen

so… the groom has to wear a really dark blue suit - so it doesn't look cliché like the black suit - and the groomsmen can wear a black suit. it looks clasic
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the ceremony

well, as i believe in God, my dream's to get married in a church, civil and religiously - both on the church.
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the reception

i want the place to be outside on the nature, i love the green on weddings so that's a must. also… my table were i'm going to be sit with my husband and family is going to be in the front of the stage, will be a horizontal table and the others table will be like the picture below.
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i want everything green and with lights, some white flowers and also golden spoons, forks, etc.
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the cake

this is the cake that i want, that's it.
Image by marie m.

the unforgettable ending

first, my husband and i go through a tunnel of flares lights and then we have to through a lanterns to the sky so we can seal our love. so cheesy and extra i know.
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the soundtrack

- can't help falling in love - andrea boccelli
- so close - enchanted
- marry you - bruno mars
- love me like you do - ellie goulding

the honeymoon

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so this has come to and end. i hope yall like it and get inspired!

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