hiya darlings! i decided to do a post on my favorite clothing brands, and most are affordable!
there's a google extension i use called honey and it gives you coupons to a lot of websites, so i totally recommend that if you do online shopping like i do.


website: http://us.shein.com
this is my all time favorite clothing website. their prices are very good, and the quality of their clothes are extremely nice! they're very comfortable, and i definitely recommend buying some summer clothes from this website.


website: http://us.romwe.com

this is a website similar to shein, and they sell some of the cutest things i've seen! they sell a lot of makeup as well. i for sure would recommend buying some stuff from here.

Forever 21

website: https://www.forever21.com

forever 21 is a bit pricier, but they still have some great deals. they also have a lot of sales, which is great! i always buy some odds and ends of clothing from here, and i think they have some amazing clothing and jewelry. their necklaces, bracelets and chokers aren't that expensive, and are quite cute!

i hope you guys found this helpful, and i'll definitely update this once i find a few more stores. i'm sorry there wasn't as many as my makeup article, but all the other places i shop at are quite expensive. anyways, i hope you all have a great day :)

message me if you ever need anything, or have any questions.