Its a horrifying concept. At least from my point of view. Don't ever do it. Please. I beg of you. From what I can see "becoming a grown up", "being an adult" means settling in your ways. It's like you're now only supposed to be this specific type of person - you have certain beliefs that you don't change. That's what an adult, what an old person is in today's society. Whether it be politics, religion, economics, fashion, art, colors, the type of food you eat, it doesn't matter. It's like settling into a mold, into a label.

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As if there's a stopper on growing, changing, learning, evolving once you turn a certain age. There isn't one, alright? You are allowed to change your mind. You will be wrong and learn from it when you're 80. Growing gray hairs and getting wrinkles does not award you with all-knowingness or an all-seeing gaze. You don't get wise, because you will never stop getting wiser. We are humans, we don't stop changing physically even after we die so why should we stop changing mentally, in terms of knowledge and perspective, while we are alive, while we can change mentally.

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I know most, if not all, of us in this place are rather young, so I am asking you please don't ever grow up. Promise me you'll make an effort to not get stuck, to never stop growing up. We can't afford to stop evolving like this, like the generations before us, who got stuck in time and now don't see what's happening around them. They stopped learning.

This is good, by the way. It means you can still make mistakes, no matter how old you are. No judgement.
Be the cool grandma or grandpa who knows their shit, or even better, the one who wants to learn.

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