Day 6: Five Ways To Win My Heart

1. Long messages

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I am an old fashion girl who loves receiving long messages, specially handwritten one. Be creative. You don’t have to blow your bank account to impress me. Think outside the box.

2. Sense Of Humor/Humor

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I believe that if you can make someone laugh, you can make them love you. Humor is something that was made to make the sadness go away and if you're on the same page, we're gonna have a good time. I like to enjoy life and for me. Laughing is part of it. I love hearing funny stories, watching comedic things, and having a laugh. It’s good when you’ve had one of those down days and you come home to someone who can make you laugh. I think we should all laugh at least once a day.

3. Be a gentleman

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Girls don’t want to be treated like a queen, but they do want to be treated like a princess. I don’t want you to be a doormat, I want you to be the one in charge. Open every door for me, especially the car door. Pull out the chair and allow me to sit down first when you take me on a date, and let me order first. When we are walking alongside the street, you should be the one walking closest to the street. Being a gentleman is being selfless.

4. Coffee

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Buy me coffee. Whenever my dad stops to buy himself a coffee, he always orders one for my stepmom, and vice versa. I think that's nice. But it is nicer when you are going to make me some coffee and you know how I love my coffee with a lot of creamer, I think it is sweet. For me, Coffee is everything.

5. Depth

I want to hear about your passions, dreams, goals, hobbies, experiences (good and bad). Tell me what keeps you up at night. Reveal to me things nobody else knows. Talk to me for hours about your passion. I want to know these things about you. I don’t care for a surface-level relationship. I want to know the deepest parts of you, and I want you to be interested in all of these things about me, too. Be yourself. There won’t be much longevity if I fallen for a false persona, and why would I want that anyway? There is no one else like you, so be confident. When you are walking in truth, game isn’t necessary. You’ve already won. Plus, make time for me. I love it when someone makes time for me. People are only on this earth for a fraction of a second so time is very valuable. When it’s a Saturday night and you want to spend it with me? It shows that you enjoy my company. When you are super busy and we’ve barely talked over the past couple days but you have a 3 hour break so you ask to come over for awhile or meet for a late lunch because you know it would make my day to see you.

So that's the Five Ways to Win my Heart.