When I first watched this video, I didn't understand the lyrics of the song (only one word - "bogoshipta" I don't know if that's the correct Romanized spelling) but the music video itself left an impression to me. It felt nostalgic and melancholic at the same time. This was the first BTS video that I watched after becoming a Kpop fan and this made me want to know them more.

bts image
Spring Day scene

After a couple of days searching information about this great boyband, I found out why the ARMY's love them so much. The lyrics of their songs really speak to the heart and they make you think of reality. Most of their songs I've heard have great lyrics and I guess teenagers can relate with them. Not only teenagers but adults (like me) as well.

Some people might not appreciate their songs but I do because they make sense. But still, I'm new to this kind of music so I don't really much about them but I will find out more soon. :)