Hey guys so this is my second article I decided to make a series of short stories that I create I’m going to write them in a really easy and comprehensible way so that everybody is going to be able to enjoy it so this is the first one as y’all can see so let’s get started:

Behind the walls:

This story takes place in the early 19th century in an old home in ancient Rome its almost 3am where Isabella graham bell a 16 years old girl is alone in the woods trying to find out some answers to her questions

Abusive image

which is behind the walls of this ancient palace a palace in the woods which is known for its secrets so she’s finally there with her hands sweating as she remembers all the awkward sayings about this place she for a moment thought of going back but then immediately killed the idea of giving up as she heard the laughter of her missing young brother which have been missing for a year nobody ever thought that he could be in that palace since this morning when one of her friends told her that the palace is known for kidnaping anybody who might have the audacity to insult in an meanings the history of it with her hands sweating she reached out to the handle of the gate very carefully the gate was opened just to let the light from behind the walls penetrates her feelings she finally found her brother.
Two days later: Extra! Extra! The missing girl! Read all about it!

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so that's it guys I hope you enjoyed it check out my collections if you want to: