Okay so I'm sure many of you say you're a believer, or christian, and that's fine. Great, however. But i'm also sure that if you're like me you want more than just saying the words "I'm a christian". after a while of thinking, the question came to my mind, "What does it mean to be a christian?" does it mean, going to church once a week, or even once in a while? Does it mean knowing that there is GOD? I realized i didn't actually have a real relationship with God and I wanted that all to change. If you are feeling the same way, here are a couple of tips to help keep up with your faith.

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Listening to music Listening to worship music really helps me feel God and it really gets me in the "Jesus vibe" haha. sometimes i even draw or take notes while i'm doing this.

i absolutely adore journaling. It's a great to just rant on a piece of paper and express your feelings. I also write a couple prayers if i'm in the mood. you can maybe do a bible study type thing. like, every night i read a verse and then i write how it applies to my life and how it relates to me. it's actually very helpful

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last but not least. don't be scared to share your experience
The amount of atheists, agnostics, and all that is insane! and a lot of times i feel peer pressured to pretend like im them to. I'm not quite sure why. i think it's because i don't want them to think i'm stupid, but I've realized that everyone has their own beliefs and no one is going to judge you, but if they do, that's just messed up

Hope you liked this and it was helpful. ;)