about 40 years before, my grandfather gave a present after his trip to Paris. un sac à main(handbag) de givenchy for my grandmother. he told me after years : i do not know anything much about luxuries, so i picked the most beautiful one. and she liked it very much.

audrey hepburn, black and white, and dress image

it is not a brand but a name of élégance.
who would not like his art?

it was his design of art - audrey hepburn wearing her iconic pants - that fascinated me into black for the very first time.

paris, audrey hepburn, and black and white image
all a woman needs to be chic is a rain coat, two suits, a pair of trousers, and a cashmere sweater - hubert de givenchy

i have changed this morning to a black dress.
yesterday, he went to heaven, who he himself, is le paradis.

chez claire
le 13 mars 2018 mardi