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I want to explain some tips and tricks for planner decorating.


1. Pick your planner- it doesn't have to be a 50-60 dollar Erin Condren planner like the one I own (pictures of it below). You have to make sure you buy a planner you don't mind having with you for a full year! A planner that is not too small or too big.

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These are examples of Erin Condren planners (like the one I own).

2. If you decide to buy an expensive planner because you have grown to like planner decorating images on We Heart it, make sure you will write on it and actually utilize it. If you don't know whether you'll keep up with an expensive planner, try buying a cheaper option first and try it out for a few weeks or months, if you like it, then buy yourself the most expensive one out there!

3. There is a whole community of planner decorating people out there. There are many YouTube videos of "Plan with Me's" which I think are very inspiring for someone who is interested in planner décor.

4. Planner decorating can get expensive! The planner first of all can be expensive if you buy the Erin Condren one, but there are the cheaper options as I mentioned earlier. Also, there are many and I mean MANY stickers for planners. If you go to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or any other arts and crafts store, you will find that they have a section dedicated to planner decorating. They sell booklets of stickers for around 20 dollars each as well as decorative washi tape and cute post it notes/labels.

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5. If you like the Erin Condren but would rather not spend that much on a planner, I suggest you buy the Happy Planner which is Erin Condrens rival, and cheaper. It looks very similar to the Erin Condren. Both of these planners are set up in the vertical view. The Happy Planner company ships products out to stores like Michaels unlike the Erin Condren where you can only buy from their actual website.

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And these are the happy planners. Notice the similarity to the Erin Condren.

I think those are all the tips.

Oh! and I forgot to mention: The Erin Condren is 100% customizable. You can put your name on the cover and have the spiral coil be black, silver, and even gold!

Next, I will review my very first Erin Condren Planner and will even include some pictures of it! These are actual pictures of my planner at home, I took these pictures myself


Here is the website where you can buy your very own Erin Condren Planner today!


Here is the link to get $10 off your first purchase!
DISCLAIMER, I GOT THIS FROM ONE OF MY FAVORITE YOUTUBE CHANNELS I actually don't know if by using this link, you'll be helping out her channel in any way, and if it bothers you then you don't have to use it!

Once you click the link, click on the "Go to Site" button to go to the actual Erin Condren site or click on the "YouTube" button to see the YouTuber I got this from!





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When I bought my planner, I purchased the Erin Condren Monthly Sticker Book Edition 3. I believe it was an extra $15. I don't regret buying it because I get to decorate each monthly view with beautiful and coordinating stickers.

planner, essinedh, and erin condren image planner and essinedh image planner and essinedh image planner and essinedh image
This is the booklet of stickers itself along with some pictures I took of the next few months' stickers. I can't wait for my April stickers OMG!

I use these monthly stickers to decorate the monthly views of my planner and I absolutely love it! Highly recommend you purchase this along with your planner.


For my weekly view, I like to decorate, but I don't like to go over board. There are two types of planner people. There are the functional planner decorators (me) and there are the people who completely go all out and show their creativity. There is nothing wrong with either, but I do love being able to use my planner functionally. Going all out does look really fun though!

Decorative Planner Example:

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My planner is relatively functional so these pictures of mine will be the example for a functional planner.

essinedh image
I must admit, my first week was definitely not the best. I was experimenting with how I wanted to decorate my planner. The stickers I used were not actual stickers, I literally went on Pinterest and looked up "planner sticker printables" and these showed up. They are completely FREE! (some of them anyway). You'll just have to print them out and either glue them down or tape them down. I used double sided tape for this.
planner, weekly, and essinedh image
I completely hated this second week! I liked it at the time, but it was definitely not something I will do again. This wasn't really functional like I wanted my planner to be and it was very summery. We aren't in summer yet! haha.
planner and essinedh image
I actually really liked this week! That's all. haha.
planner, essinedh, and erin condren image
As you can see, I stuck to decorating my side bars fully! I really like how it looks!
planner, essinedh, and erin condren image
This is the current week and I am on vacation from both school AND work. To celebrate, I wrote "VACATION" on the bottom.

If you are wondering where I got my stickers from.......

I bought them at Michaels. I bought the happy planner sticker packs which almost fit the Erin Condren perfectly!

essinedh image essinedh image
These are two of the Happy Planner sticker booklets I own. They all have different names. I have the "Productivity" pack and the "Planner Basics" pack. I suggest both of them.

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