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What are your five greatest accomplishments?


It was an assignment for Art literature when in senior year of Elementary school. At that time, We should made our original traditional dance group, without any teacher who teach us or give some idea. After a brief discussion, we decided that I would be the one looking for a dance teacher and becoming the leader, then we had to think about and make our original moves too, so if our movements were so bad and wrong, there was still someone who judges us and made it more better. And turns out, our dance has the highest rated, afterwards all teacher said we are the winner. In the first place, we never want to win on anything, we just give all of the best and let it out. For me who in that time attending so many contest but never won anything, that was one of greatest accomplishments. Because maybe that was my first time winning on something, everyone was recognize me and my friends had a good dancing skills, and it made me super happy. that was the very first time I'm proud on myself.

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just love the dance, hehe.

When I was on second grade on Middle school, there was a Language teacher asked us to wrote a short story. I never written something like that before, so I just tried to made one, it was a homework after all, and I want made it the best that I can. Surprisingly, when we give our short story to her, she would judged our story and said there would be a winner 1, 2, and 3 of the best short story in the class. When it was announced, turns out the first winner is me. In that time, I was never recognized by anything beside what I said it in above, and I just a little girl who love write diary and read a comics very much. It makes me so happy and that was open up many opportunity to me. After that, I joined on many writing competition for school, even though I never had an awards like gold medal, but I'm so happy just got some silver and bronze medals. For me who thought don’t have any talent that time, it was one of greatest accomplishment that makes me love writing even more.

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I always have a dream would be study aboard to any country. I love challenging myself, step out to my comfort zone when no one is willing. Because I know my ability it was not great enough to get scholarship to study aboard, so I just want to took a college in outside my hometown. My mom was always complaining about me who can’t do anything on my own. I’m literally a pamper girl who can’t live without a mom help. Living on my own and live in new town was big challenging to me. Even though I was failed for so many times, and I was in the edge of giving up, surprisingly my mom encourage me to not give up. She helped me chased my dream and finally I got in some university in beautiful city, then took up a pharmacy major. For someone like me who not clever enough to be greatest scientist, it was good accomplishment. Its like if everybody can achieve their dream, why I'm not, right?

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In my journey to reaching my dream to make it happen, I have some trust issue to wrong person, disappointed, being blamed, and so many not good happen in university that makes me so sad and thought that I’m not good person, and super dumb person who don’t deserve anything in this world. For more clearly about this you can read on my second day and six day challenge articles, the link it's in the end below. Everything that I said in there it all the past. Even though until today, I’m still afraid about anything and sometimes the anxiety hit me suddenly, but I can say that I literally more happy, cherish life, and less stress than before. I can say that I’m in my way to recovery from this mental health issues, it's like I can accepting that everything was just a crazy past and I left everything behind. So that I took many lesson from it, and trying to become the very best of me.

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Every time when holiday comes, me and my classmate friends from school would be held some reunion on local cafe or some restaurant. Because we so tired and bored do this every years or every time we back to our hometown, one friend of mind suggest to made a charity group. Rather than we spend our money for food and all not that necessary things, why don't made something beneficial for us and everybody else. We made some garage sell from our things in Sunday morning, of course its still the best quality one, and all the money one hundred percent will be we give to people who need it. We buy some food or groceries for people in the street, in other hand we give it straightly to their home, and also some orphanages. Doing this was like has a pretty proud accomplishment and this kind social event was one of my dream too. I love being practical to my self and people around me in this world.

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As of when I'm writing this, I know there still any mistakes on my writing, and I wish you wouldn't mind about it at all. That's all for now and see you tomorrow!

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