I have 18 and life hits hard at least for me...
I'm latin and people (my friends) have started college just now in march , but i'm not, cause my life is really different.
i'm putting you on context.
I don't live with my parents (no mom , no dad) just my grandma and my fabulous (annoying) big sis.
So here's the thing my granny is sick , she can't walk now and we have to care about her every minute , my sis is in her last semester of uni and we don't have lot of money.
I must care my granny, that's the why i didn't study this year. I have to lie even to myself about the reasons , my family thinks i haven't ready for college but i love study , i love read and write , i love notebooks and pencils i love everything about it.
I wanna be a journalist and maybe after the 5 years of career i become a writer , who knows , future is uncertain.I learned that for my granny sickness, everything can change from overnight.
But this article is now about my pity life , is about being happy with all the sh*t around you...
We have to be grateful for what we have even the little things like the hugs from your sister, the meals that your aunt make , the mews of your cat , Drake's new music , Dicaprio winning oscars , disney movies ,sunset , the moon , apples , soap ,sleep ,and the little things continue.The list is longer than the Marvel universe.

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This is something more serious than the other articles that i have made but i have to let it go this feelings of sadness , anger , fear and focus on the good.
thank you for reading this.You can see my other articles

Love you with all my heart, Val.