To the woman who changed my world, don't hate me, for I love you


I didn't fall in love with your body, because frankly you have no ass or boobs.

I don't mind though. I wouldn't change a thing about you.
That's a lie

I would probably change the way you look at me. Sometimes I think that you think im annoying. Tell me... is it true?
I mean I am but please don't look at me that way.

Thanks to you I can never see the viola the same, even if I did have the violin in mind. The viola pops into my heart. Now that I look back on things I wish I would have looked at you more in orchestra, too bad we both quit.

It doesn't matter though, I have front row seats to everything you do. No matter how dumb it might be its okay. I already know you are smart..

yet so dumb.

Yeah you are honestly so dumb and if you were an animal you would be a goat, you already look like one so not much would change,

Just know I still find you beautiful

I don't remember the day I met you, or the clothes you were wearing, if your hair was up or not, or if you were emo but I don't think it really matters.

I need you know now that you are beautiful. Back then who knows but now you are.

I know you want to see colors and I only show you gray but if it helps, I am gay, evenings like this always make me want to kiss the gun, because I know I will never be what you want,

but know this

I am falling for you, as much as I am trying to have a blast at this family party,where the sun is blinding and the birds are singing.

Its not until I have to clean up, where everyone is drunk and I fall into bed. As I look into the night its when I realize I only think of you then because I can see you, even if I cant you cross my mind but not until I see you bright and naked I admire you.

You are the moon,
not just the moon but

my Evangeline.