Hey Everyone! So, today for day 12 of my 30 day writing challenge, I am going to be telling you my 3 favorite TV shows. Enjoy!

1. Supernatural

dean winchester, sam winchester, and supernatural image

My number one, all-time favorite show would have to be Supernatural. I mean this show is just addicting! I love Dean's humor, Sam's strength, and Castiel's, well, everything. Needless to say, Castiel is my favorite. I would highly recommend this show to anybody. It will have you terrified one minute, laughing the next, and crying the next. If you have not watched this show, I seriously urge you to give it a chance! It will change your life.

2. Grey's Anatomy

grey's anatomy, black and white, and series image

Now if you're looking for a show that will completely take over and ruin your life, this is it. Grey's Anatomy has to be one of the most heartbreaking shows I have ever watched. It really taught me not to become too attached to my favorite characters. Overall though, it is an insanely addictive show that will keep you up for hours on end watching it. So, if you plan on watching Grey's Anatomy, then you better plan on binge watching it.

3. Stranger Things

stranger things, finn wolfhard, and eleven image

My third favorite show is Stranger Things. I'm not going to lie; I was very hesitant to start watching this show because I thought that it was overrated, but I was proven wrong. This show deserves every ounce of success that it has accumulated. The characters are hilarious, and Millie Bobby Brown does an incredible job playing Eleven. It will give you a little jump-scare here and there, but it is such a good show!

-April xo