1-Keep on loving you, nothing's gonna hurt you baby, apocalypse, etc-CIGARETTES AFTER SEX (this band is everything)
2-Don´t worry about me- KILLEDMYSELF (he is so good, lets support soundclud artists <3)
4-I need you, i wasn´t enough for you- BOJET
5-Eternal youth-RUDE
6-Angels,on hold,together,i dare you-THE XX
7-My inmortal,bring me to life-EVANESCENCE
8-Breathe me- SIA
9-Broken-JAKE BUGG
10-Someone like you, when we were young-ADELE
11-Video games, changes,shades of cool,young and beautiful, etc-LANA DEL REY (Queen )
13-Like a stone- AUDIOSLAVE
14-Wonderwall, Stop crying your heart out-OASIS
15-asleep-THE SMITHS

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these songs are so beautiful in their own way.
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