I'm pretty normal to dress ,i don't impress anyone with my style cause the 90% percent of my wardrobe is vintage so i'm gonna tried to find something alike.
Thank you for reading this.
Leeet's gooo

  • Sweaters & Hoodies
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i possess lot of this in my closet.
  • T-shirts
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  • Flannels
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You never get enough.
  • Hawaiian shirts
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(Or whatever they call ,in spanish the shirts name is guayaberas) the thing is they are LOVELY.
  • Jackets
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I need more jackets , i have like four :(
  • Jeans
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Black jeans are life
  • Shoes
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Also i need more shoeeees.

that's it ,hope you like it and i promise myself to buy new clothes after this.
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Love, Val.