hello lovely people,

clearly I have given up on the 30 day writing challenge (I'm such a flop, I know) but doesn't mean I have given up on writing articles ! I saw this tag and I was like omg thats so cool I have to do it and here we are ! Also, please don't be offended if this photos are not accurate, I found them on here and I trust in my fellow hearters

If you did not know already, my name is Kathleen :)

K: Kingston, Jamaica

beach, benson, and color image harbor, kingston, and city image

A: Azogues, Ecuador (my national city)

atardecer, city, and ecuador image Image removed

T: Toronto, Canada (my home)

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed

H: Hamburg, Germany

alemania, germany, and incredible image aesthetic, architecture, and building image

L: London, United Kingdom

london image Dream, goals, and life image

E: El Paso, United States

Temporarily removed free, summer, and travel image

E: Espoo, Finland

azul, finland, and ceu image finland, house, and landscape image

N: Naples, Italy

Amalfi, Amalfi coast, and Naples image italy, Naples, and napoli image

and thats a wrap ! I hope you guys liked this haha, it was fun !


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