i saw this floating around so i decided that i'd do one myself. so, here's 50 questions that will help you learn about me!

1.what's your name?
My name is Tristen Gray-Mark.

2.do you want nay tattoos?
yesssss. i want a few small but meaningful tattoos.

3.how many piercings do you have?
i currently have two. one on each ear.

4. are you planning on getting more piercing?
i've had them since i was like 4 and i'm not planning on getting anymore.

5.have you ever had surgery?
actually yes. i was born with a lazy eye(so basically my eyes are pointing in different directions) and up to grade seven i didn't really care because y'know why should you? you're not even in high school you shouldn't feel like you have to change yourself for others. but society is a bitch and in grade 8(i'm in that grade now.) i decided to just get it done.

6.are you right or left landed?
right handed

7.what's your favorite color?
my favorite color is black or navy blue.

8.where are you from?
born and raised in canada. (ottawa)

9.what is your favorite music genre?
that's hard. my music honestly changes from genre to genre. in my playlist you'll find throwback songs, rap, r&b, rock, pop and many other genres.

10.favorite holiday?
uhhh probably christmas (lmaoo i'm sorry i'm basic)

11.favorite sport.
football(american.) i've been playing for about two years and now and absolutely love it! and yes, i am indeed a girl.

12.what is on top of your bucket list?
probably to either study really hard and get a job that i love or to travel the world. (both would be nice.)

13.what do you do for a living?
well right now i'm a student so for the next three ish years my life is devoted to studying and... more studying.

14.favorite past time?
reading (follow my wattpad @tristennwrites) and writing. i also like to study which is kinda weird but yeah.

15.somethings that's currently worrying me.
my grad 8 grad is coming up pretty soon so that is kind of slowly creeping up on me. also high school applications are due soon and i really want to do online school rather than public.

16.my current relationship status.
haha single. not to worried about relationships considering i'm not even in highschool but the guy that i like just announced that he's going to a different highschool and i'm kind of sad but i can't get to hungover the little things.

17.what i find attractive in other people.
one, they have to be attractive because let's be honest. two, they have to be smart. my mom doesn't want me bringing a dumbass home. three, i prefer if he played a sport or worked out. four, he just have to be a nice and funny guy.

18.what do you want to be when you grow up?
i'm not exactly sure but i want to study psychology,social work and counseling because i want to be like a therapist of some sort.

19.my favorite bands.
probably the neighborhood, arctic monkeys, imagine dragons and all time low.

20. favorite subject in school
rn my favorite subject is language arts. (or some would call it English)

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