These are the songs that remind me of our love.

1. Dancing With Our Hands Tied by Taylor Swift

This song makes me miss our little love affair. With beautiful lines like "I loved you in secret; First sight, yeah, we love without reason" When we were together it was pure innocence and loving just to feel loved. The song goes on, "Oh, how were you to know? And my, my love had been frozen; Deep blue, but you painted me golden". And then fear crept up on me and left my love for you frozen, but despite my sadness and sometimes overwhelming despair you made me feel golden. A feeling I'll never forget. And then our untimely demise. "People started talking putting us through our paces" My friends love having power and control. I suppose it's my fault for giving it to them. But regardless of the rumors and the gossip we thought we could make it through just about anything. "I loved you in spite of; Deep fears that the world would divide us" And that it did,