PRETTYMUCH: they a boy band made up of Brandon Arreaga,Edwin Hornoret, Zion Kuwonu, Nick Mara and Austin Porter. They have a 90s vibe going on. They are so goofy and they just make you wanna dance and smile.

Songs I recommend from them

1.Open Arms
2.Would You Mind
4.10,000 hours
5.No more

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Random comment: Zion the one with the dreads in my opinion is the cutest :)

Jack & Jack: Former Social media influencers turned their platform into a music career. They have a R&B, Pop mix that i really dig. Made up of two best-friends who just so happen to share a name.. Jack Gilinsky & Jack Johnson. They have love songs that i'm obsessed with and they have hype songs that i dance to.

Songs I recommend from them:

3.2 cigarettes
4.Hurt people
5.Last thing

jack johnson and jack gilinsky image Image removed

Random Comment: I am so JEALOUS of Jack Gilinskys eyebrows like their perfect.

Maggie Lindemann: She has this beautiful vibe. A dance tune but a sorrow in ya feelings type of thing that I have always idolized

Songs I recommend from her
1.Pretty Girl

photoshoot, baddie, and maggie lindemann image girl and maggie lindemann image

Random comment: she's one of the most beautiful people i've ever seen