HELLO MY LOVES! How are y'all? hope you guys are having a great time!.

Again sorry for being so inactive college takes all my time BUT here i am, writing another article to you guys always with my heart. Want to thank you for all the hearts and reactions, you guys are AWESOME, so thank you❤

Okay so let's start SOME AB TIPS, SHALL WE??

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btw this move is REALLY good!


1. Abs are made in the kitchen. Yeah, i know you may heard this before but it's the truth! if you want to get rid of some belly fat you MUST eat to loose belly fat, with that being said; you need to eat healthy foods such as veggies, fruits, whole wheat foods, try to keep your dairy and sugar intake low.

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2. WATER. i'm not going to say anything else BUT DRINK A LOT OF WATER, this will help you to detox your body and also keep you hydrated. If you don't like eating a lot of water you can try adding lemon, ginger, cucumber, strawberries, apples, etc., to the water so it can taste kind of like a juice (this will give you a lot of benefits two)

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In addition to what i said i recommend to drink some lemon water in the morning to boost your metabolism and also to detox your body.

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If you want me to write an article with detox teas, drinks just tell me! i have a lot of ideas that can help you to burn fat, detox and boost your metabolism!

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3. Workout. This one is kind of obvious but in order to get abs you gotta kick your ass and workout! To burn fat you need to do at least 30 min of cardio and some abs moves to tone the muscle!. You can also try HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) or training at high intensity intervals is one of the most effective ways to both improve resistance and burn more fat. This is because it improves the body's ability to oxidize both glucose and fat.

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4. Get some rest and chill. Yup, you need to SLEEP and CHILL BABY! when you don't get enough sleep and get to stressed your cortisol gets out of control which makes you restore fat.

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SO please. rest.

NOW, exercises!

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1. This will help you to mold your waistline and also kills your obliques!
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3. Here you will work: chest, shoulders ,arms, abs, lower abs and obliques!
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4. Burpees are AMAZING, they burn fat and work basically the whole body.
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5. Bridges, tone abs and will kill your glutes!
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7. Crunch it up! ALSO LOOK AT THE PUPPY OMG!!!!! (i know it's not exactly a puppy but for me no matter how old a dog is it will ALWAYS be a puppy!)
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8. You can also MODIFY this move doing some pike jumps! it helps a lot for your lower abs.
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9. Abs, glutes, waist, obliques are being worked here! not to mention that shoulder and leg burn OOOMG.

10. Here's a full routine! (credit to the owner)

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So that's it for today guys! let me know if you try one of this moves and how you felt!! Remember that slow progress is STILL progress so don't stop!

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Much love,