I only say from now, I regret the mistakes in my English, I'm not very good with this but I try to be good. I decided to make this article because I believe that the good songs of Halsey deserve it your music deserves it and she deserves it, so let's do it bitches.

Empty Gold

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I think Empty Gold it is one of the best not only for its instrumental, the message that leads me to help survive so far

New Americana

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Well there's not much to say about it if you put enough attention to the letter


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This song talks about how his childhood was affected by his bipolarity, which makes the song even more interesting is the touch of suspense

Hold me down

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Well, HMD before had a different meaning before watching the video of Sam Winchester in the channel of AngelDove, but for those who do not look supernatural, it could be said that Halsey talks about the bad habits that can come to have


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Just, listen to the song


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Depending on the way you see the lyrics, this is a gem


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Sometimes it's better to drive?

Devil in me

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I think it would put all his songs, but I do not think adequate, so here are at least half that I love. so. All the love, J.