I'm gonna do a lot of articles about astrology, for you that like me is completely addicted. Today I'm gonna talk about Moon

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If you don't know your moon it's necessary to make the astrological chart (if you don't know your moon send me a message to explain how it works)

Means everthing that you feel inside yourself, the part instinctive, your feelings and emotions..


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● Impulsive

● Say what think, and feel without thinking

● Can't wait the time from the other, intolerance.

● Asset. Get angry easily.


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● Always analyse your feelings and emotions.

● Think before act

● Think too much and sometimes can't act the way she/he wants.

● Suspicius.

ON LION ^-^ mine

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● Wants to talk sometimes in the wrong time.. and this is negative!

● Impulsive. Get's angry easily..

● It's insecure, that's why that show/ looks arrogant

●Dramatic. Need to show to the world, like live in a movie..


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● Positive because it's the sign from the Moon..

● Intuitive

● Attached with the past, and family.

● Sensitive. Everything affects.


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● Emotional instability..

● Very faster, change too much the feelings.

● Have to be more calm.

● Enjoy your inteligence


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● Conservative. Rigidity

● Everthing that comes, people and situations they'll ''scar''

● Don't like changes.

● Want people that'll be perfect ( demanding)


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● Can have prophetic dreams..

● Emotional sensitive like Moon in Cancer..

● People that can adapt with the atmosphere and relationship. Like a chameleon

● Can attract people with bad feelings.


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● It'll think, the way act, what talk

● Very emotionally stable

● The world could be ending, everthing on fire but they'll be okay..

● Need security


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● Looks too calm, but inside have a lot of feelings..

● Need to show peace..Be kind..

● Diplomatic and refined

● Undecided with yourself and others ( feelings) ^-^


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● Grow up inside with your feelings, spiritual it's important.

● Can like esotericism. Don't like to be stuck emotionally..

● Love giving advices.. helping a individual person

● Positive ( this is very good)


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● Revolutionary feelings

● Intelect before anything

● Fight for human in geral rights..

● When'll say what believe, they have to be care to respect other people


Temporarily removed

● The worst moon (sorry). Badly positioned, because scorpio is intense.

● Difficult to take care of your own feelings.

● It's very difficult to forgive. ( unless this person have others aspects)

● Take revenge

Remember: The stars are not bad, they bring challenges

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Kisses cat girl ^-^