yeah i think i have a crush on you and i actually don´t know why. i mean you´re an dumbass, you´re acting childish sometimes and it really gets on my nerves lol. you´re aggressive and i hate it, but i´m happy that i can calm you down easily.
i even can understand why you´re like this. you have a reason why and you probably don´t have it easy at home. we never talked about it, because you say it doesn´t matter to you, but it does matter to me somehow. and i guess you probably just need some time and i´ll accept that, because we´re all just human beings.
you have to know, that i´m here for you, like you´re for me! and i really appreciate it, that we´re there for each other. we´re holding each other backs. not everyone can say that and not everyone has the luck to have a person like you by their side.
the thing i really appreciate about you is, that you always tell me how beautiful i am, how much you like my character and how much i mean to you. you have to know that i usally hate compliments, because i don´t know how to react to it and because i don´t know if the person means it seriously. but i know for sure that you´re serious about it. thank you for that!

i´m slowly on my way to accept myself, because of you. i´m grateful. grateful that i´ve got to have a person like you around me even if i´m bad at showing it, i´m grateful to have you!
p.s. i have a crush on you best friend

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