There are certain days when i just sit down and fantasise about what my wedding day would be like; i guess i do this purely out of boredom because i'm 150% single (lol), and I still haven't found the right guy- yet...anyways, its still fun to dream about what that special day would be like! so if you wanna see what my ideal wedding would look like, then keep on reading! :)

My Dream Dress, wedding ring & more ♡

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I'm in love with mermaid/trumpet wedding dresses because of how they i hug the body so well and makes the body look nice, and curvy. I would accompany this dress with some ankle strap stilettos, and also with these gorgeous earrings - that match perfectly with my dream wedding ring.

Hair & Makeup ♡

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I would go for a rosegold/deep burgundy eye look with a nude lip & for my hair, I would have it loose and wavy - with a beautiful floral crystal hairpiece in my hair.

Nails ♡

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I'd go for chic white, medium sized false nails on my wedding day because I think they look sooo pretty.

Bridesmaid dresses & shoes ♡

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I know that there's a fashion rule or wedding rule that brides maids or wedding guests should NOT wear white, but i'd break that rule and make my bridesmaids' wear an elegant high slit maxi dress (with white lace up heels). This will go well with my wedding theme because i'd like a chic, modern wedding.

Bridesmaid bouquets & manicure ♡

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I have no idea what this type flower is called but, i think it looks pretty! i love the soft pink pastel colour it has. I definitely know that it would look amazziing with the white bridesmaid dresses , and with the pastel pink nails and floral jewellery detail.

Bridesmaid Hair & Makeup ♡

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My bridesmaids makeup would have to be a rose gold/ soft burgundy eyelook with a nude lip. Their hair would be put into an elegant messy half up/ half down loose wavy plaited hairdo, decorated with a floral jewellery hairpiece.

The groom & groomsmen ♡

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The groom & groomsmen would have to wear black suits, a white shirt and a black bow tie - because black suits just look so classy, cool & sleek.

The reception ♡

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I would loveee the reception to be under a floral gazebo type of arch and the chairs to be decorated with pastel pink cloth.

The ceremony ♡

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The venue would have to have some large windows for some good lighting and a good amount of space to have some beautiful round tables and chairs in there.

The cake ♡

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My wedding cake would have to be white, pink and gold; the cake would also have some cute floral details on it and probably some macaroons on it as well.

The Theme ♡

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The theme of my wedding would have to be: pastel pink, gold & white.

The Honeymoon ♡

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The honeymoon would defintely have to be at a classy, romantic place like paris!

Thanks for reading, loves! i hope you enjoyed reading this article! see you next time♡