Hey guys! It's Belle and today I'm doing my March playlist!

side note: I going to try to post an article at lest once a week

1. End Game by Taylor Swift

Image removed

2. Perfect by Ed Sheeran

album, divide, and ed sheeran image

3. Let You Down by NF

hands, perception, and quote image

4. The Middle by Zedd, Maren Morris, and Grey

art, grey, and music image

5. Delicate by Taylor Swift

aesthetic, beautiful, and tswiftedit image

6. Getaway Car by Taylor Swift

black, Lyrics, and Reputation image

7. Gods Plan by Drake (explicit)

Drake, fan, and gods plan image

8. Him and I by G Easy and Halsey

halsey and g-eazy image

9. Never Be the Same by Camila Cabello

camila cabello image

10. Rive by Eminem and Ed Sheeran (explicit)

eminem and music image

That's all for today! I have more songs on the playlist, but I though it was getting long. If you want me to do the rest of the playlist, let me know!

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B e l l e
B e l l e

Credit to all the people who posted and made this pictures. I'm not taking credit for them.