In honor of me turning 15 earlier this month, I am going to post 15 facts about me, as you can probably tell from the title😂😂

#1. I love to paint, draw, etc.
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#2. My favorite colors are yellow, blue, and pink.

#3. I love YouTube, and I am basically addicted to sketchbook tours and Shane Dawson videos.

#4. I love to read, and I have a large bookshelf in my room full of books.

#5. I love horror movies, and the new IT is one of my favorites.

#6. My favorite food is chicken nuggets.

#7. Spider-Man is one of my favorite things on this planet.

#8. I could spend hours running around in the rain.

#9. My favorite season is spring🌸

#10. I love the beach.

#11. I am a hufflepuff.

#12. I listen to music religiously, and I especially love indie music.

#13. I am a Pisces🐠

#14. I bite my nails.

#15. I am pretty awkward😂😂

Thank you guys for reading, I hope you had a fun time learning a bit about me😂
Have a great rest of your day!!