If you haven't listened to a brit pop or rock band are you even living, honestly? It's basically an America tradition to obsess over British music, remember the Beatles...

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Nevermind none of us were alive for there reign. Haha, jokes aside these are some amazing British rock and pop bands you need to listen to.

1. Catfish and The Bottlemen

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Their latest album , The Ride, is seriously amazing. If you like indie rock music, this is the band for you. I have an entire playlist of all their music on it. They are a lot more famous in the UK but deserve to get there music heard more. Check them out trust me they will not disappoint.

2. Arctic Monkeys

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I'm sure the name of this band rings a bell. One of my personal favorites (literally all of these are a personal favorite so I don't know why I said that lol). Their new music is great (and by new music I mean the album that came out in 2013) but I'm more of a fan of there first two albums. This one is definitely for my indie rock lovers!

3. The Kooks

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Ironically, the fans of Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks have basically had a fandom feud for years over which is the better band. Of course, this is more of UK thing though. The Kooks have this comfortable vibe about them that's a little slower than Arctic Monkeys tempo but just as good, for sure. 100% worth a listen. This is more for the pop-rock lovers.

4. Vampire Weekend

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If you haven't heard of Vampire Weekend, what planet have you been living on!? Sorry, let me calm down lol This is legitimately the ultimate indie band. I can only describe their music as what sunshine would sound like if sunshine was music. This is for my indie pop lovers!

5. The Wombats

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I'm still new to The Wombats music and I'm very obsessed but I can tell you that it gives me early 2000's teen angst vibes. Definitely worth a listen, my friends. They are indie rock.

6. The 1975

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I know they have kind of gone a bit mainstream now. Like who doesn't listen to The 1975?! But, they are literally so unique, I'm obsessed. Their latest album gives me 80's synth-pop vibes and I'm here for it. This is more for my pop-rock girls/guys.

7. Keane

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Do you like taking baths and sipping wine? If the answer was yes, you can listen to this song whilst you partake in that activity. They will have you crying and smiling at the same time. A mixture of conflicting emotions. This is for my alternative rock/pop lovers

Well, hopefully, you enjoyed this amazing list of British pop/rock! I think you'll really enjoy them and probably speak in a full-on British accent after religiously playing their music. Happy listening! :)