In 2012 One direction was every girl's fav boy band, even I was in love with the band. My favorite member was Harry Styles and yikes! I also remember I begged for my parents to buy me a One Direction poster, One direction headphones, etc. Later on I learned One Direction was not the only popular boy band that every girl fell in love with. During the early 1960s many teenage girls fell in love with The Beatles a popular boy band that came from Liverpool, England which made me every girl fall for and scream for. I remember reading article about The Beatles in my 7th grade english class and when I found out they were a 1960s band I thought to myself "They're probably all dead." A year later in 2013 I realized only two died which was John Lennon being assassinated by a gruesome man in 1980 in New York and George Harrison from lung cancer due to years of smoking. I fell in love with the band in December 2013 and one of my favorite out of the 4 Beatles would have to be Paul Mccartney just because his sass is adorable and has that cute boy charm that makes every girl drool with respect. (Don't judge me!😆)

List of my fav songs from The Beatles:👦👦👦👦
1. Yellow Submarine💛
2. Magical Mystery Tour🌈🌟
3. Come Together 🤘
4. Revolution🔥⚡
5. Drive My car🚗🚘
6. Hard Day's Night💫😜
7. Something 💕
8. Here Comes The Sun🌞
9. Here There And Everywhere😊😄
10. Pennylane🚶
11. Lady Madonna 👸
12. Lucy In The Sky Of Diamonds💎🌥
13. Eleanor Rigby👵
14. The Long And Winding Road🌉🚙
15. She Loves You💘💞💖