as i was young, a little, naive, dumb kid with white-blond hair, playing with dolls, i always dreamed of finding the love of my life, getting married and getting babys. i dreamed of being an actress. i always wanted to be one. i dreamed of being in one of the best movies, that people have ever seen in the whole world!
i dreamed of growing up fast, being a teenager. and you have to know, that i always wanted to be teenager as fast as it gets. i found it cool, don´t ask me why.

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i wouldn´t say that i hate my past me, but i definitely don´t like the way she was thinking. i mean seriously, growing up fast? being a teenager? IT SUCKS! i just want to be a child again. growing up with no social media, with no mobile phone. ugh what a blessing that would be!
don´t get me wrong, i love social media and all that shit, but guys let´s all be honest here, it does suck sometimes. the need to be reachable, to know what´s going on in the world on instagram, snapchat, twitter and other platforms. don´t you agree? some mornings i just wake up and think hell no, not today. but then i see the messages and ugh i just can´t resist. i hate it. i hate me. i´m addicted, but who cares anyway lol.

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what would that little, naive, dumb white-blond kid think of me today? i think that´s a interesting question tbh. but we´ll never get the answer to that one.

- ems