Hi, I dont know who is going to see this however I would like to use We Heart It as a platform for my writing too. So, if you're interested in reading, and have/use or would like to use wattpad please check out my books linked below!

What is Wattpad?

So, Wattpad is a free to download app which allows anyone who loves to read and/or write to express themselves online. There are thousands and thousands of books on that app that are incredible. I myself have read many books on the app which I personally feel would do amazingly being published into the real world. What I personally find so wonderful about Wattpad is that it allows for amateur writers, much like myself, to put out their thoughts and feelings and ideas to better themselves. Some books may not be up to the same standard of quality of others, and that is embraced and accepted on this app. It allows these books to be improved, edited and changed whenever best fits the author.

I found Wattpad 5 years ago and I found a love for writing from using the app. My writing was atrociously bad back then. I'm actually embarrassed thinking of the earliest chapters and things that I published however I am glad I did because it made me want to improve. And I have improved, not to an exceptionally high standard and my writing is still pretty shit at times Andy it will not be good for everyone, but I'm still learning.

Forever and Always - My First Ever Book


Why is life so confusing all the time? Yeah it has its ups but it also has its downs. These six friends experience every emotion under the sun, well at lest that's what it feels like. True love always finds away in the end but will they drift apart? Or will they be together Forever and Always...

Okay, I know. This book sounds cringey as anything and embarrassing and pretty shit if we're being honest. However the connections I personally made as the writer to this book and its characters makes me love it, a lot. And it is my first ever book, my first real achievement in life and it'll always hold a special place in my heart for that reason. If you would like to have a wee read of a story of love, friendship, cuteness, cringeness, and sickly sweet romance I advise this book. It's a bit of fun and hopefully even a little enjoyable to read. Linked below :))


Come Home - My Second Book and Current Project


Dear Dani,
You've been gone 7 months now and I've given up all hope. I have no clue where you are or why you are there, wherever there may be. We all are very worried about you and we just want to know you're okay. I miss you so much and everyday I will pray that you will come home to us. Please Dani, if you're reading this and you still care about me, or any of the others, you will call me and let me know you're safe. I need to know you aren't hurt or in danger. Please.
Love always, Shawn x

So initially I had the bright idea of writing a Shawn Mendes fan fiction. Big mistake. This was two years ago now and only now am I jus the over half way done. So this book hasn't been a struggle however I love my characters and the relationship between them all and it warms my heart. It does deal with pretty serious issues at times however I have tried to continue a joking, fun atmosphere throw some of the characters despite the difficult times. You do not have to be a fan of Shawn Mendes to read this because most of it is not about him and his career etc. It is more about his relationship with this girl and her friends while dealing with his life. It has a few random ups and downs and weird twists and I am aiming for 50 chapters. Linked below :)))


Third Book?

Yessssss, third book is well underway. This one I am fully writing, editing and re-reading and getting opinions and everything else professional before it is published because I want this to be something I am proud of. It is getting there and it is looking good and the characters are so so so much fun. I think, or at least I hope, that this one will be my best yet and I hope to get it published either the end of this year or the beginning of next.

Here is my Wattpad account linked below :)))


So yeah, thank you if anyone read this. Massive thank you to anyone who checks out my account or books. Thank you even if you read this and think they sound shite. Just thanks a bunch for everything.

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