a hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play out in your head

As the snow falls
And time passes
I wonder
Will you still love me?
Even after I confess
My mistakes?
My flaws?

Will you still hold me
The way you do now;
So careful in your loving arms?

Will you still look at me
The same way:
Bright eyes twinkling?

Will you still treat me
Like I matter;
Like I'm your world?

Will you still talk to me
Learning new things about each other all the time?

Will you still teach me
What it's like
To be loved;
To be appreciated?

Or will you
Reject me?
Ignore me?
Hate me?

Once you see
I'm not
That perfect person
You perceived me to be?

lol I have so many poems in my notes... i wrote this so long ago.... the first line is actually inspired from Crystal Snow and Spring Day by BTS if you couldn't tell....ahhh romance is my genre why