I've applied for a few jobs recently so hopefully some of these things can happen!!

-Go Camping...in my backyard.
For years I've wanted to put my tent on my trampoline
and sleep there. I don't know my it just seems fun and I don't want to go actual camping.

fire, couple, and camping image

-Do a Color Run
I hate running but it looks so much fun!

Image by ezzybc

-Play Paint Twister
This looks so cool, who wouldn't want to do it?

friends, fun, and summer image

It doesn't matter where but California is where I would love to go the most, though probably not this summer but hopefully in a summer to come. It doesn't even have to be to a specific place with a plan on where I would go I just want to travel and figure out where to go in each city/state from people living there.

map, adventure, and travel image

-Learn New Songs On The Ukulele.

flowers and ukulele image

-Complete My Wreak This Journal.

wreck this journal, band, and 5sos image

-Learn to Ride a Penny-board
I'm very uncoordinated but I still want to try.

goals, hipster, and inspiration image

-Nerf Gun Fight
Out of everything this is the least likely to happen because I have no friends.

Image removed

-Ride a Roller Coaster I've Always Been Afraid Of

amusement park, dark skies, and orange image

-Start a YouTube Channel

stickers and tumblr image bag, camera, and fashion image

If I remember to i'll update if any of this happens!!