Hi angelss, i think it would be cool to make an article per week that could explain all my ideas that i heard or make in the week.
so, if you have no inspiration, read this huge article.
(all the ideas are going to have different types)

buy you some plants
- i know it sounds not original but for real, plants make you're room wonderful and at the same times, sweat and cute.
plants, green, and grunge image plants, green, and grunge image
me, i have 2 plants in my room, they are so cute!
buy you some makeup
-makeup, it's art, i think that every girl in his world should try makeup, but it don't fit on every body, don't forget that! and if you don't like that, it's okay.
Image removed makeup image
give some of your clothes
-every girl has the same problem, to much clothes (some clothes that we don't wear because of some reasons)
casual, clothes, and clothing image fashion, outfit, and clothes image
go outside
-take a break and go walk with music and change your mind!
city, street, and goaway image desire, go, and outside image

take some instax mini pics!
-when we buy one of those things, after month, we don't really take picture of anything with it. so take a little time to take 1 or 2 pics of...

photo, pic, and pink image flowers, grunge, and instax mini image
the quality of Instax mini is SO bad! but i think that it's cute ''a little pic coming out of the camera right in front of our eyes'' i have one and I don't regret my purchase.

this is all for this article, hope that y'all angels enjoyed this article, see you with another

inspiration of the week. (next week)

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