the first prompt is 10 things that make me really happy but i'm only doing seven because i don't have much time to write. these aren't in any particular order, but they all definitely make me very happy :)

1. friends & family
this one is probably really obvious and cliche but they're always there for me and know how to cheer me up

2. makeup
this one is very basic but makeup is my passion and nothing makes me feel better than applying it, watching videos about it, buying it, etc. i just love everything about it

3. the color yellow
yellow is my favorite color, and its just so bright and happy! basically anything yellow will always cheer me up

4. music
i love many different kinds of music, but particularly rap. some of my favorites that are sorta mainstream but i really recommend are lil xan, migos, cardi b, blackbear, travis scott, and lil uzi vert

5. summer
this is the most basic thing ever but summer honestly is amazing. i won't go too in-depth because i plan on writing a summer article later, but it's just so carefree and nice.

6. netflix
anyone reading this will think i'm the most basic person ever but i'm just being honest so. some amazing shows are big mouth, everything sucks, stranger things, riverdale, 13 reasons why, and the end of the f****** world.

7. disney world/universal studios
i basically just mean orlando, but disney world and universal studios are truly my happy places. i took a vacation to these places at the end of january 2018 and i really miss them more than anything.